Jan Jurjević on the changes in habits of social networks’ users


A survey on 78 markets with 52,326 respondents shows that Facebook is still the most widely used social network.

As much as 53 percent of respondents feel “bombarded” with a mass of content on the Internet, and 32 percent fear that they’ll miss something if they don’t have Internet access.

On the other hand, 33 percent of those younger than 35 want to be famous on the Internet, as well as 15 percent of older Internet users. These are the results of the largest global social media research – Wave 9, to which Croatia joined in 2011. The Wave research is launched by the UM agency to monitor the growth of users and the importance of a new media phenomenon. “Wave 9 was launched in 2016 and the results are available since April last year.

The survey was conducted in 78 markets with 52,326 respondents representing 1.5 billion active internet users, those who use the internet every day or every other day and affect the growth and development of social media, those who adopt platforms and tools and eventually decide which will be dominant, “said Jan Jurjević, Research Manager at UM Zagreb.

This survey also showed a significant increase in the use of Messenger, the fastest growing channel of communication – from 66 percent in Wave 8 to 82 percent in Wave 9. Besides that, it showed that Facebook is still the most widely used social network, but Instagram is the fastest growing among those younger than 35 – from 16 % users in Wave 8 to 41% in Wave 9 research. In addition, confidence in the influencers is fading – in 2015 43% of respondents opted to believed them, and in 2017 it came down to 34%.


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